In 2006, when the Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association (C-SWA) was launched, the region saw, for the very first time, the coming together of spa owners and operators; health and wellness professionals; spa product manufacturers and travel professionals as a unified voice for the industry.

The organisation was born following the very first Caribbean Spa and Wellness Conference on the island of St. Lucia in November, 2005. It was established to promote and unify all the various elements of the health and wellness industries across the Caribbean.

Those attending that meeting represented the best and the brightest professionals from the region, and were joined by global experts in the health and wellness sector. They gathered to chart the roadmap for the future – a roadmap that within the next year, would lead to the formation of the only independent, professional organisation dedicated solely to the industry and to health and wellness practitioners in the Caribbean.

Since 2006, C-SWA has seen steady growth both in individual members and member countries. The aim is in 2017 to revitalize the efforts of CSWA and create a sustainable plan that supports the growth and development for our Caribbean spa and Wellness community.