Antigua and Barbuda

Put away your cares. Relax. Rejuvinate. You are in Antigua!

This is where you will find an endless array of activities to make your wellness vacation special. Have you been thinking about a Caribbean beachside massage? This is the land of beaches where you’ll find 365 of them to choose from. So even if you’re here for a year, you’ll be able to visit a different beach every day of your stay!

You won’t have to wait long to begin relaxing when you arrive in Antigua. Your Caribbean holiday can start with a visit to an airport spa. Wherever you are on this tropical paradise, a wellness provider is never far away. Whether you’re staying in a luxury report, small hotel or private home, the island’s health and wellness therapists can meet your every need. Using natural ingredients from this part of the world such as fresh papaya and pineapple, or tropical mango and passion fruit, you can find treatments in an array of settings from luxurious facilities to mobile services including facials, body wraps and scrubs, West Indian massages, hot stone therapies and reflexology.

If your idea of heaven is a resort spa, there are more than 12 of them in Antigua designed to meet the needs of today’s discerning wellness traveller. While you’re here, soak up the history and culture of one of the Caribbean’s most fascinating islands. Whatever your mood, Antigua is the ideal location for your next holiday.

If your intention is to relax, keep fit, tone up, and enjoy being pampered in this paradise region of the Caribbean then Antigua is just right.

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