St. Kitts and Nevis

They say that if you follow your heart, it will lead you to St. Kitts. We couldn’t agree more. With its verdant landscape and turquoise waters, the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis are ideal locations for your relaxation holiday and the spa scene here, dominated primarily by large resorts with international reputations, is all-encompassing.

A vacation in the twin island paradise is the perfect prescription for stress reduction. If your wellness holiday calls for beach time and activities in the beautiful Caribbean Sea, look no further. Divers and snorkelers will immediately note the pristine condition of the coral reefs as well as the abundant marine life and the many shipwrecks. The government has embarked on a mission to ensure the preservation and protection of the island’s marine environment for years to come.

Back on land, much of the early history of St. Kitts was written with sugar as king. Although the industry that helped build the country is no longer active, the remnants of the plantations that were a part of the sugar trade can still be seen. Walking tours and hikes are available for the wellness traveller wanting to explore. For the most daring, a climb to the 2,600 ft. peak of Mt. Liamuiga, the majestic dormant volcano at the centre of the island, is certainly a challenge. Bikers and hikers of all ages and skill levels will certainly enjoy the winding trails that traverse the countryside and provide one of the most relaxing ways to see St. Kitts’ unique Caribbean landscape.

Many visitors to St. Kitts take in its sister isle of Nevis, just two miles away, during a day trip. Those who are familiar generally spend more time exploring this smaller gem. “Laid back” would be the perfect description of life there. It is home to one of the only volcanic spring spas in the Caribbean. Everything here moves at a slower pace, so if you’re looking for an “unplugged” holiday, Nevis is just right.

Whether your choice for a relaxing holiday is St. Kitts, Nevis or both, this piece of the paradise region in the Caribbean is where you can achieve your goal of maximising your health and well being.