Welcome to Suriname, the beating heart of the Amazon.

Warm days and sultry nights await you in this South American country just north of the Equator. Suriname is where you escape the everyday stresses of life by going off the beaten track – a true nature destination.
This former colony of the Netherlands (Dutch is still the official language), prides itself on being a paradise for nature lovers. You won’t find hoards of tour groups getting in and out of coaches here, just travellers like you… looking to relax and rejuvenate.

Experience the majesty of the Amazon Rain Forest covering nearly two-thirds of country. It is home to an extensive array of flora and fauna including birds, reptiles and even jaguars. Exotic jungle therapies can be found here once you decide that your wellness holiday is going to be out of the ordinary.

In west-central Suriname, you’ll find the Central Suriname Nature Reserve which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for more than a decade. The four-million acre preserve is about 125 miles (200km) from the capital, Paramaribo, and is a nature lover’s delight. It forms part of the largest protected tropical rain forest in the world. You can easily arrange a small plane or boat tour into the Reserve using one of several tour groups in Paramaribo. There are several lodges there and a visit is guaranteed to maintain your goal of maximising your sense of well-being.

The city of Paramaribo is more like a village community than a modern city-centre. Its Historic “Inner City” is also on the UNESCO Heritage List and is a great place for a walking tour. The street plan of this district, developed during the colonial years of the 17th and 18th centuries remains intact. The buildings, a melding of Dutch, English and local influences, each tell a unique story.

While visiting Suriname, you won’t find a hectic nightclub scene. Your time in this paradise region of the Caribbean will be spent focusing on you.