Products and Services

The Caribbean has its own indigenous products made from ingredients derived from its home grown plants, flowers and shrubs – natural massage oils and body lotions may be the most popular. They are widely used in many of the spa resorts, boutique spas and wellness centres across the islands.

This range of products helps C-SWA professionals, not only to grow the spa industry in the Caribbean, but also to put some Caribbean into our spas.

Using age old formulas that have worked for their ancestors and still work for present-day generations, an increasing number of entrepreneurs have created natural soaps, body washes, face scrubs and shampoos that totally enhance your Caribbean wellness experience.

You’ll not forget the tingle of a cleansing herbal rinse in your hair, the smell of enriching coconut palm oil on your skin or the healing vapour of a eucalyptus rub for sore, tired muscles.