Relax and watch your stress melt away on Nature’s Island – Dominica. A pioneer in the Caribbean in ecotourism, Dominica is one large, outdoor spa waiting to welcome you on your health and wellness holiday.

Aroma therapy treatments and holistic medicines are just two of the relaxing activities you might want to explore while you are here. But your options don’t end there, not by any means. Dominican message therapists take advantage of the indigenous volcanic mud in their treatments and the island’s natural springs and lush vegetation provide a wide variety of natural ingredients used every day in spas throughout the country.

The world’s largest boiling lake is on the island, as well as many volcanoes; so why not soak away your cares in a natural hot sulphur bath while you sip on herbal teas or natural juices? Or ride on an aerial tram through nearly a mile of protected tropical high altitude rainforest? Get your heart pumping on a bicycle tour through the country’s rugged terrain and then spend a weekend at a Yoga retreat. Using a combination of outdoor and physical activities, along with the country’s nature-based therapies, Dominica is the perfect place to bring health and wellness back to your life.

For water sports enthusiasts, the tropical waters of this island play host on an annual basis to ‘Dive Fest,’ an event that attracts divers and spectators alike. This all adds up to the most carefree, relaxing vacation of a lifetime in Dominica – part of this paradise region of the Caribbean.

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