21 miles long and a smile wide.

This description fits only one place on earth – Barbados, the number one travel destination in the Eastern Caribbean!

It is in Barbados that you will find wellness experts proficient in using the island’s natural elements to renew your body, mind and spirit. Try treatments using the exfoliating properties of Barbados’ beautiful coral sands. Or maybe you will find a body wrap that skilfully incorporates some of the other resources such as the rich by-products of the island’s ubiquitous sugar cane. How about treatments using one of the island’s world-famous rums? Or how would you like to experience a pineapple mango massage or a chocolate-honey body wrap? You will find professionals in Barbados using the island’s many delights such as coconut, mango, guava and honey for your relaxation.

Over the years, regular travellers have joined celebrities in discovering the beauty that is to be found in Barbados. From the tranquil seas lapping the beaches of the island’s tony west coast, to the rugged and picturesque east coast, Barbados offers a feast for the senses.
Home to some of the world’s most critically acclaimed resorts, Barbados has everything to offer the holiday maker. Never too far away is an indulgent menu of spa treatments and services to restore inner balance by pampering the whole body. With several world-class spas and resorts and more than 25 places offering fitness and wellness programmes, Barbados offers the ultimate in relaxation vacations.

As you enjoy your time here, Bajans (think beige-uns) as the locals are called, will be happy to share their tropical paradise with you. Within the shores of this 144 square mile gem, you will find some of the friendliest people on Earth.
Welcome to Barbados, a lush part of the paradise region of the Caribbean where the only disappointment is leaving.

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