Jamaica is one of the best known vacation locales in the world. Names like Negril, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Port Antonio conjure up images of beauty, intrigue, romance and relaxation. It is from Jamaica that the Rastafarian or Rasta movement arose, giving the world a legacy of music and spiritual awareness.

For the beach crowd, choices in Jamaica are nearly unlimited. Seven Mile beach in Negril hugs the rugged coastline and features white sands that appear to go on forever. Very few places rival the spectacular Dunn’s River Falls and Beach, a stone’s throw from Ocho Rios.

Jamaica is truly one place where your every holiday dream will be fulfilled. If your dream is built on an active wellness holiday, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay are home to some of the most splendid and largest resort spas in the Caribbean. It isn’t unusual to find tens of thousands of Jamaicans pour into the streets of the capital Kingston for a wellness festival. And the country is lined with miles and miles of hiking trails.

The true beauty of Jamaica is in its people and its culture. Jamaicans are warm and friendly, easily welcoming visitors. The country’s motto Out of Many, One People is reflected in the diversity of the population which hails from nearly every corner of the world. Reggae and its primary disciple, the late Bob Marley, is the music that Jamaica has given the world. The sometimes haunting, rich, infectious beats can be heard everywhere you travel on the island – even in the spas.

“Irie, mon” –  that’s a phrase you’ll hear often as you move around island. It means “everything is ok” in this piece of the paradise region in the Caribbean. And it’s perfect for describing your wellness holiday here!

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