A good facial, professionally done, can add youth to your appearance, but more importantly, it can leave you feeling rejuvenated and smiling with the world!

A good facial done in the Caribbean – well, that’s a story worth recounting! In some spas, you may need to resist the temptation to lick the delicious local ingredients off your face!

When you awake in one of our hotel rooms, guest houses, or condominiums with the sun warmly kissing your cheeks, is it a message from the tropics that you need a special island facial. Indulge in a facial mask of delicacies like organic honey or pineapple – even mango and guava!

Maybe you will still be looking for the familiar plant acid peels, marine collagen, skin repair, dermabrasion, enzyme peels or purifying treatments, and you’ll find those here too. But don’t be surprised if you’re recommended a cool aloe mix instead, said to heal the skin; or an old family remedy of traditional herbs famous for drawing out impurities and treating acne.

Just remember, there are C-SWA professionals in every island skilled and excited about sending you back home not only feeling, but looking at least 10 years younger.