The Bahamas

Is your idea of a relaxation holiday a tropical island where you can hike through pine forests or explore stalagmite-filled caves or dip your toes into crystal clear waters caressing secluded pristine beaches? Or do your tastes lean more toward the cosmopolitan, with luxurious five-star hotels and casinos, exhilarating nightlife and bustling marketplaces? Whatever your pleasure, the islands of the Bahamas are bound to meet your every need. Beginning just 50 miles from the coast of Florida and stretching from Grand Bahama in the north, to Great Iguana in the south, the Bahamas encompass 23 inhabited islands and hundreds more where nature will be your travel companion.

Sage leaves, Bahamian rum and spice-infused oil, coconut-mango moisturizer – these are all spa treatments available in the Bahamas using ingredients found in this tropical paradise. A Bahamas Bush Bath in a hydrotherapy tub filled with indigenous herbs with exotic names like cerasee, bay geranium, Pawn Bush and Shepherd’s Needle might be just the thing to relax your mind, body and spirit.

Discover who we are in the Bahamas by taking part in our free People-to-People programme where more than 500 “Bahamian Ambassadors” are standing by to show you how we live; from an authentic Bahamian home-cooked meal to attending a church service with your host. From a visit to a local school, to a tea party or a tour of the island, this programme will give you an up-close-and-personal look at how we live. You will soon find that although each island has its own unique personality, the people of the Bahamas are delightfully consistent in their warmth and charm.

If nightlife is your idea of relaxation, we’ve got that too! From the spectacular resorts and casinos on Grand Bahama Island to the nightclubs on Freeport, we have it all. For the sports-minded, tennis and golf abound. And no relaxing holiday is complete without visiting one of our many resort spas, day spas or wellness centres.

The Islands of the Bahamas… waiting to welcome you to this paradise region of the Caribbean.

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