Mind, Body and Soul

If you want to rejuvenate your body, enrich your mind and nourish your soul then certainly the most intriguing place to do so is on the islands of the Caribbean.

What better combination than a tropical-fruit infused body exfoliation created to moisturise your skin and add a rich glow? Or a honey ginger wrap to hydrate your skin and stimulate circulation? What about a Bamboo Polish, where bamboo crystals are used with essential oils plus aloe vera; a coffee wrap, an anti-aging, anti-cellulite body treatment? Maybe a foot bath in allspice-infused overproof rum; or better yet, a full bush bath said to cleanse and heal the body?

C-SWA professionals know exactly how to use treatments rooted in age-old Caribbean healing arts, combined with modern techniques and training, to leave you feeling like a new person. Herbs and spices like the bay leaf, cinnamon, almonds and lemon grass are utilised … mud full of minerals from the volcanoes now asleep … raw sea salt and sugar cane derivatives … the list can go on.

Relexology and ayervedic therapies, though originating from Asia and India respectively, are also common practices in the health and wellness sector here. So take your pick, and then, top your Caribbean wellness experience with a manicure and pedicure, if only to say “I did it in the tropics!”