There is no disputing the great health benefits of a massage, yet there is something which ought to be said about having one (or two) done in the Caribbean – the experience is close to divine!

Yes, you’ll get your familiar, popular massages here – the Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, synchronized, etc. But you’d better be prepared for something totally amazing when you reach our shores.

C-SWA professionals combine their expertise with traditional techniques and local ingredients to create memorable moments just for you. Your massages may be done using a range of things familiar to the islands like smooth warm rocks from a river bed; or slightly hot tingling stones from a dormant volcano; dark earth clays, perhaps with olive and grape seed oils; or white gentle sands from a nearby beach for exfoliation.

Locally made massage oils extracted from the coconut will bring your senses to life. The abundant fruits to be found on the island will also enhance your experience. And … you just might get to choose your massage location.

Will it be the ocean, looking out from a bamboo hut towards the mountains, deep in the heart of a rainforest, or in a room with dimmed lights and soft soca music playing in the background? Either way, feel free to indulge in the range of massage possibilities available throughout the Caribbean – you just may decide to make it a habit!